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Nathalia Schomerus works with CMS, Germany’s largest law firm, where she specialises in generative AI and Knowledge Engineering. She studied law, history and theology, graduating with an MSt from the University of Oxford. After several years as an academic researcher, Nathalia went on to found a startup, for which she earned recognition as Forbes 30 under 30 Europe.

"Our legal system needs to catch up with the 21st century, its internationalisation, technologies, and new challenges. Germany holds an incredible amount of untapped innovation potential, much more than many realise. To make it a safer, fairer, and more innovative place, we need to boldly modernise the way we enact law, the way we teach law, and the way we apply law. I’m excited for this revolution!"


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Gesellschafter sind die Edra S.p.A. (LSWR Group) und Dr. Jochen Brandhoff.


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