Marisa Monteiro Borsboom is a true Renaissance woman with an entrepreneurial mindset. In her professional capacity she has managed to combine the 3 constant dimensions of her life, legal, business, and humanism, within the following life journey contributions.

She is a mother, lawyer, mediator, legal manager, privacy advisor, trainer, lecturer, mentor, and quantum pioneer. She is actively engaged in technological entrepreneurship and seeks to use it as a force for positive societal change.

As the Chief Legal Officer, a Global Board Member and the Head of Public Policy and Governance Affairs of Women in Tech - Global movement, she is seeking to further female participation in tech and the modern world by extension.

As the CEO, and general counsel of MQM Legal she operates a thriving legal services provider pioneering what it means to offer legal services and reinventing the legal practice for the 21st century.

She occupies various roles in legal technology, including as the co-founder and partner of Inov@legal – Portuguese institute of legal innovation and technology; ambassador and local chapter organiser of ELTA -European Legal Tech Association; and founder and co-organiser of Legal Hackers Oporto and The Hague. In these roles she is working to bring the law, kicking and screaming into the 21st century with the aid of likeminded individuals. She is a certified Data Protection Officer and Contract and Commercial Manager (among others).

As the founder and director of PortHollandia – Chamber of Commerce Netherlands Portugal she works to connect the business communities of the Netherlands and Portugal.

As the founder and president of Humanity of Things Agency she has been able to find an outlet for her humanistic nature, participating in projects on human literacy, digital human rights, and has been involved in many think thanks such as CEPS and others. She is also a founding Member of UNA - the United Nations Association in Portugal